How Social Planning is Moving Along with the Marketplace

Reprise’s Global Head of Social, Jason Cotrina-Vasquez, shares his Point of View on how Social campaigns have evolved from a straightforward task to a more layered strategic approach. Gone are the days of selecting Social platforms simply because of their large scale relative to the target audience and unique propositions. Now marketers must also take into consideration the increasing complexity of brands, customer/user journeys and experience. This, alongside the need to adapt to dynamic changes in the broader landscape, means Social continues both to expand and evolve. A more strategic approach sets up the campaign for success and provides the freedom to plan in a holistic way. Ultimately, Social Marketers will benefit from this by opening the door to work with a wider range of relevant opportunities, whilst also adding more precision in planning.

Click the below link to download the PDF and read the full POV on how Social Planning Has Evolved Along with the Landscape.