Flow drives
everything we do

Customer Flow is the movement of people along their path to purchase. We specialize in analyzing and addressing all the behaviors that lead to an increase in flow for our clients. We do this by unifying all our craft experts under a single operating system, FLOW.

FLOW expands performance marketing from last click automation to a holistic customer-driven strategy that drives sustained conversion.

This is performance marketing redesigned for customer behaviors, not channel silos

A maniacal approach to
improving Customer Flow

Our FLOW Model is focused on three fundamental and interconnected ways to improve Customer Flow. Remove frictions in the customer experience, activate precision media to direct customer attention; and attract engagement with relevant and dynamic content.


Eliminate Friction


We create the clearest possible path for High Value Audiences (HVAs) to take action by reducing or eliminating the frictions in the customer experience that inhibit flow along their path to purchase, through more effective deployment of SEO, UX, CRO and eCommerce.


Direct Attention


We activate performance media campaigns to direct our audience’s attention to take a measurable action with the precision it takes to be there at the right moment, through smarter contextual targeting in search, social and programmatic media, sequential cross-platform messaging, strategic remarketing, and digital comms plans attuned to audience behaviors.


Attract Engagement


We create magnetic content assets aligned to audience needs, thumb-stopping creative that pulls them into a deeper exploration towards conversion, through personalized and engaging content discovered on-site or distributed to paid channels, as well as social engagement and lead nurturing to keep the conversation between customer and brand alive.

Customer Flow

See our approach to Customer Flow in action

Baskin Robbins

For Baskin Robbins we extended a brand activation by driving over 26M content views amongst Gen Z on TikTok channeling flow to convert in store with a +148% lift in sales.

Baskin Robbins
Baskin Robbins


For LG we released content bait for the Gaming community to obsess over, generating huge customer flow with 22M organic reach on YouTube channeled to discover more about LG TVs and a +450% increase in clicks to buy.


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