Walmart Media Group breaks ground on Omnichannel Reporting as it debuts Performance Dashboards

Walmart Media Group (WMG) recently announced the launch of Performance Dashboards, a self-serve reporting interface that combines Display and Sponsored Products campaign performance within advertisers’ Ad Centers.

This new rollout further positions Walmart as a rival to Amazon in its self-serve advertising business with near-real-time reporting on search and display ads built upon the launch of Walmart Advertising Partners (WPA.) WPA launched in January and is a multi-partner program that granted ad tech and media partners access to the Sponsored Products API for third-party campaign management.

More Details

eCommerce has continued to grow amidst the coronavirus pandemic, and Walmart is no exception with eCommerce sales growth up 74% as of May 2020. This, paired with Walmart’s position as the world’s largest omnichannel retailer, unlocks an opportunity for advertisers to see near-real-time sales attributed to ad spend at a key retail player for many brands—an opportunity previously only offered at-scale by Amazon.

While the future of brick-and-mortar stores remains uncertain, the race to provide advertisers with the reporting transparency needed to make decisions linked to revenue growth is critical. With this rounded out offering from Walmart, advertisers can now do just that with the critical ability to gauge omnichannel impact and react in real-time.

While WMG had previously offered a self-serve Sponsored Products reporting dashboard, this announcement marks the first availability of on-demand Display performance reporting. What makes these dashboards particularly unique is the inclusion of omnichannel sales attribution, giving advertisers the ability to gauge both online and in-store purchases directly linked to Display campaigns. This is an industry first, allowing advertisers to see the halo impact of their online activations on in-store purchasing via self-service dashboards. Brands will now be able to properly measure the full ROAS within the Walmart environment.

Performance Dashboards can now be accessed via the Walmart Ad Center, a single sign-on self-serve platform for campaign management and performance including both Sponsored Products and Display campaigns.

Each dashboard has distinct data availability relevant to the campaign types with customizable visualizations for key metrics and variant interfaces, though Walmart has not yet announced whether these interfaces will be merged in the future.

According to WMG, this data will be updated every 24 hours and will include in-flight campaigns as well as past reports, enabling data accessibility for full campaign reporting at the close of the attribution window 2. While WMG previously offered a self-serve reporting dashboard for Sponsored Products campaigns to a limited number of advertisers, this offering marks the first time both Sponsored Products and Display campaigns will be available for near-real-time reporting directly through WMG.

For any question please reach out to Briana Finelli, Associate Director, E-Retail Media: [email protected]

1Available reporting includes full campaign data and breakdowns by platform (device), page type, keywords (including at the item level), ad group, category, brand, and item.
2Reporting within the dashboard for Display campaigns will not include full extrapolated sales of non-traceable revenue (e.g., cash, gift cards) typically available via WMG campaign reporting.